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Cellular Memory in Organ Transplants...Something to Think About!

Cellular Memory in Organ Transplants

Lit Corner | January 23, 2011

Leslie A. Takeuchi, BA, PTA

In my experience as a physical therapist assistant, I have come to acknowledge the relevance of thoughts, emotions and spiritual beliefs to healing. I recognize the art of physical therapy to be based upon empirical science and a dualism which views the mind and body as separate, thus drawing a sharp distinction between sensory experiences and physical reality, between subject and object, between mind and matter and between soul and body. However, I also recognize that even though my science provides a rational foundation, it does not allow for the importance of the subjectivity and wholeness I see in my patients whose bodies and minds are inseparable.

In my work with the chronic pain population, I have taken a closer look at this relationship of mind and matter, body and emotions, for keys to how people heal. In this search, I looked into theories of emotions or memories being somehow stored in the tissues of the body and later manifesting in the physical form of pain or disease. What was most striking were the numerous reports of organ transplant recipients who later experienced changes in personality traits, tastes for food, music, activities and even sexual preference. Is it possible that our memories reside deep inside our bodily cells in addition to in our minds?

Current understandings about memory, for example, place this mental capacity solely as a function of the brain. However, the process of memory may be too complex to be explained by measuring brain activity through electroencephalograms or oxygen uptake as recorded on PET scans. Looking at memory as part of the quantum world of sub-atomic systems gives the visual image of tiny specks whizzing around every which way until there is a need for them to come together into some sort of pattern of awareness. But, where do the memories reside?

Candace Pert, author of Molecules of Emotion: Why You Feel the Way You Feel, says, "Memories are stored not only in the brain, but in a psychosomatic network extending into the body . . . all the way out along pathways to internal organs and the very surface of our skin." After having discovered neuropeptides in all body tissues, Pert suggests that through cellular receptors, thoughts or memories may remain unconscious or can become conscious-raising the possibility of physiological connections between memories, organs and the mind.

University of Arizona scientists and co-authors of The Living Energy Universe, Gary Schwartz, PhD, and Linda Russek, PhD, propose the universal living memory hypothesis in which they believe that "all systems stored energy dynamically . . . and this information continued as a living, evolving system after the physical structure had deconstructed." Schwartz and Russek believe this may explain how the information and energy from the donor's tissue can be present, consciously or unconsciously, in the recipient.

Paul Pearsall, MD, a psychoneuroimmunologist and author of The Heart's Code, has researched the transference of memories through organ transplantation. After interviewing nearly 150 heart and other organ transplant recipients, Pearsall proposes the idea that cells of living tissue have the capacity to remember.

Together with Schwartz and Russek, Pearsall conducted a study, published in the Spring 2002 issue of the Journal of Near-Death Studies, entitled, "Changes in Heart Transplant Recipients That Parallel the Personalities of Their Donors." The study consisted of open-ended interviews with 10 heart or heart-lung transplant recipients, their families or friends and the donor's families or friends. The researchers reported striking parallels in each of the cases. The following is a sampling of some these.

In one case, an 18-year-old boy who wrote poetry, played music and composed songs, was killed in an automobile accident. A year after he died his parents came across an audiotape of a song he had written, entitled, "Danny, My Heart is Yours," which was about how he "felt he was destined to die and give his heart to someone." The donor recipient "Danny" of his heart, was an 18-year-old girl, named Danielle. When she met the donor's parents, they played some of his music and she, despite never having heard the song, was able to complete the phrases.

In another case, a seven-month-old boy received a heart from a 16-month-old boy who had drowned. The donor had a mild form of cerebral palsy mostly on the left side. The recipient, who did not display such symptoms prior to the transplant, developed the same stiffness and shaking on the left side.

A 47-year-old Caucasian male received a heart from a 17-year-old African-American male. The recipient was surprised by his new-found love of classical music. What he discovered later was that the donor, who loved classical music and played the violin, had died in a drive-by shooting, clutching his violin case to his chest.

A 29-year-old lesbian and a fast food junkie received a heart from a 19-year-old woman vegetarian who was "man crazy." The recipient reported after her operation that meat made her sick and she was no longer attracted to women. If fact, she became engaged to marry a man.

A 47-year-old man received a heart from a 14-year-old girl gymnast who had problems with eating disorders. After the transplant, the recipient and his family reported his tendency to be nauseated after eating, a childlike exuberance and a little girl's giggle.

Aside from those included in the study, there are other transplant recipients whose stories are worth mentioning, such as Claire Sylvia, a woman who received a heart-lung transplant. In her book entitled, A Change of Heart: A Memoir, Ms. Sylvia describes her own journey from being a healthy, active dancer to becoming ill and eventually needing a heart transplant. After the operation, she reported peculiar changes like cravings for beer and chicken nuggets, neither of which she had a taste for prior to the transplant. She later discovered that these were favorites of her donor. She even learned that her donor had chicken nuggets in his jacket pocket when he died in a motorcycle accident.

Another possible incidence of memory transfer occurred when a young man came out of his transplant surgery and said to his mother, "everything is copasetic." His mother said that he had never used that word before, but now used it all the time. It was later discovered that the word had been a signal, used by the donor and his wife, particularly after an argument, so that when they made up they knew everything was okay. The donor's wife reported that they had had an argument just before the donor's fatal accident and had never made up.

Another amazing story, reported by Pearsall, is that of an eight-year-old girl who received the heart of a ten-year-old girl who had been murdered. After the transplant, the recipient had horrifying nightmares of a man murdering her donor. The dreams were so traumatic that psychiatric help was sought. The girl's images were so specific that the psychiatrist and the mother notified the police. According to the psychiatrist, ". . .using the description from the little girl, they found the murderer. He was easily convicted with the evidence the patient provided. The time, weapon, place, clothes he wore, what the little girl he killed had said to him . . . everything the little heart transplant recipient had reported was completely accurate."

Although medical science is not yet ready to embrace the ideas of cellular memory, one surgeon believes there must be something to it. Mehmet Oz, MD, heart surgeon at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center, has invited an energy healer, Julie Motz, into the operating room during transplant surgery. Initially, Motz practiced energy healing to help reduce anxiety prior to surgery and depression following surgery. Then the team noticed that there seemed to be less incidence of rejection in these patients. They were curious to see what would happen if she were present during the operation. Motz registers, through sensations in her own body, the emotional state of the patient during the surgical procedure. Through her touch or words, Motz attempts to alleviate any worries, fears or anger the patient may be experiencing. She works with the recipient's ability to accept the new organ and also works with the donated tissue so it will accept a new body. The results have been favorable, and the team reports reduced rejection and increased survival rates. This may sound outrageous to those who never thought about tissues having feelings or caring about where they would reside, but Dr. Oz believes that it would be a disservice to ignore even the possibility that this method could help.

More studies are being conducted with regard to the phenomenon of organ recipient and donor coincidences. Pearsall, Schwartz and Russek report that, "research is underway at the University of Arizona on a sample of more than 300 transplant patients to determine the incidence of such transcendent memory phenomena using semi-structured interviews and systematic questions."

Intriguing questions remain. What percentage of transplant recipients actually do feel changes in behavior and personality or report changes in food preference or have new memories? Is there a higher incidence of tissue or organ acceptance in those patients who are aware of their consciousness or who have energy work done? Will ordinary science offer more evidence to support that memories are transferred-or will we need a new science? Perhaps more importantly, what does this transcendent phenomenon have to tell us about other healing events?

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My Overview of NLP methods to Heal, Strengthen and Achieve!


NLP for Healing to Success
Todays talk is about Neuro Linguistic Programming. I would like to share with you some of what I overview in my practise. While I am not certified as a practioner of the techniques, my ancient healing practises actually overlap much of what is practised as NLP today, Unfortunately, modern or conventional psychotherapists and medicine today still does not recognize NLP as a valid technique. While there are some private psychotherapists beginning to pick up on the techniques and the rational, the at large scientific circles still dispute the effectiveness and how to measure NLP's process.

Nevertheless, we need only think about the early years of Hypnosis and the later Hypnotherapy and the great reluctance of the scientific community to embrace it as a 'real' science. We (and the conventional scientists) now have 'proof' within the research done by 'credible scientists' and so it is finally accepted. Could the same happen in the case of NLP at some point in time?

My reason for the interest and the use of some of the technique in my practise is simply because I have seen it work, and again, the overlap between NLP and other systems I employ are clear indicators that some of the NLP is effective from my personal observation directly and proven indirectly by other modalities that NLP overlaps and those modalities have already been proven to be tried and true. My hope is that you will call for your first appointment at the Center and Experience this Modality!

I will begin with an attempt to explain NLP, what the words Neuro Linguistic Programming actually mean. I will speak about the technique, in terms of its sucess and effectiveness, and then I will discuss some of the presuppositions that are found within the NLP modality and once you understand these, you will get a feel for 'how' it works.  Lastly I will go through some actual technique, and that should really get you ready to come in to see me!

What is NLP?The acronym NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming and this term emphasizes the connection between the neurological processes (neuro), language (linguistic) and behavioral patterns that have been learned through experience (programming) NLP then uses an evolving set of models, presuppositions, patterns, techniques and observation based theories resulting from the study of the structure of the subjective experience, like patterns of thought, behavior and communication. Beyond understanding, NLP seeks to enable basic and formative change relatively quickly to educate people in self awareness and effective communication with the intention of assisting them to change their patterns of mental and emotional behaviors ultimately.

How well does it Work?Barring the problem we run into with the scientific community and their skepticizm, NLP can be shown to work and work well! NLP uses self image and attitude to effect change in your life and promote healing. When the patient is made aware of their abilities and possibilities, he or she will begin to see things differently, on a positive vibrational level. The natural healing process of the body can then be used to alter their lives. NLP gets results and is seen in clinical practise as a method that gives good result. NLP practioners do not say "this should work" and try it, rather they say "this works" and do it. NLP is much more about results, and that is why it is successful because it uses technique that works.

The Presuppositions of NLPIn a sense these are similar to 'Affirmations' which we practise in Metaphysical Science. Here are some:
1. No one is wrong, broken or imperfect. People work perfectly to accomplish what they are currently accomplishing.
2. People have all the resources they need already.
3. Behind every behavio is a positive intention.
4. Every behavior is useful in some way or in some context.
5. The meaning of a communication is the response you get.
6. If you aren't getting the response you want, do something different.
7. There is no such thing as Failure. There is only feedback.
8. In any system, the element with the most flexibility exerts the most influence.
9. The map is not the territory.
10. If someone can do something, anyone can learn it.
11. You cannot fail to communicate.
Some of the Technique and what I do in Treatment:
This is a pattern that is designed to allow you to use your seven types of 'smart'. The first portion is a sequential instruction set and the second part lays out the same instructions in a way that will allow you to print them and use them for the pattern. Here is how these 'intelligences' can be harnassed and aligned within you for whatever the purpose you wish.

We begin by labeling 7 cards with the 7 types of 'smart'. We have 1. Word Smart (linguistic intelligence), 2. Logic Smart (logical mathematical intelligence), 3. Picture Smart (spacial intelligence), 4. Music Smart (musical intelligence), 5. Body Smart (bodily kinesthetic intelligence), 6. People Smart (interpersonal intelligence), and 7. Inner Self Smart (intrapersonal intelligence). 
Next we decide on a Goal. What do you want to accomplish by using all your different intelligences, collectively? We lay out the cards on the floor keeping a few feet between each. I then ask you to stand at the Word Smart card so that the other cards are on the floor lined up and behind you.
Now you have to access the feeling of a time when you experienced linguistic excellence, when the words just came to you and flowed from you. You could think how it would be to have that kind of fluency if you cannot remember a time that you had it. Think and feel that. Keep that feeling or that thought at your lips.
Then slowly step back onto the card marked Logic Smart. Get the feeling of a time when you felt competent and excellence in math, when things seemed very rational for you, or again if you cannot remember that time, think how it feels to have that kind  of logical facility. This feeling you must place and hold at your temple.
Now, slowly step back onto the card marked Picture Smart. Remember the time when you could see things clearly and images were vivid and crisp for you. If you cannot then think how it would feel to have that vision. Keep that feeling at your eyes. Now slowly again, step back, onto the card marked Music Smart. Bring forward the time when you were in tune with music or rhythm. Or think about how it would be to have that excellence with music. Anchor that feeling and keep it there with a finger snap.
Slowly as you step back, stand at the card marked Body Smart. Think and Access the feeling of a time when you experienced physical or fitness competency and when you felt good inside your body. Or think about how it would be to have that. Anchor that feeling with a clenched fist. Slowly step back to the card marked People Smart. Think of a time when you experienced having rapport with others, when you were really communicating well or think how it would be to have that. Now keep that feeling and anchor it with a nod of the head. 
Now step back slowly to the carded marked Inner Self Smart. Get to the time when you experienced inner harmony, when you were well in touch with your feelings. Or think of how it would be for you to have that. Anchor that feeling with a deep breath.Now you can see the other cards stretching out in front of you. Each has an anchor for the many kinds of intelligence possessed by you. Now think of the Goal. Take a deep breath and step forward. Nod your head and think of how you feel at peace with accomplishing this goal and see the smiles of your friends and family as you work with them happily on this goal.
Take another step forward and clench your fist. Nod your head and take a deep breath and think about accomplishing your goal with interpersonal, intrapersonal excellence combined with the feeling of such strength and ease in your body. I then have you step forward again and snap your fingers. Nod your head and take a deep breath, clench your fist and think about accomplishing your goal with interpersonal, intrapersonal and now physical excellence combined with the feeling of harmony and a song within your heart of hearts.

Take another step forward, nod your head, take a deep breath, clench your fist and snap your fingers and think about accomplishing your goal now with interpersonal, intrapersonal, physical and musical excellence combined with the feeling of clarity of vision. Take a step forward and touch your temple. Nod your head, take a deep breath, clench your fist, snap your fingers, touch your eyes and think about accomplishing your goal with interpersonal, intrapersonal, physical, musical, spatial excellence combined with the feeling of it making all the sense in the world to do it.
Take a step forward and touch your lips, nod your head, take a deep breath, clench your fist, snap your fingers, touch your eyes and touch your temple and then think about the goal with interpersonal, intrapersonal. physical, musical, spatial, logical excellence combined with the feeling of it telling yourself in eloquent terms that you can and will accomplish this goal with all the many intelligences you possess.
Take a step forward and chant a Mantra. Nod your head, take a breath, clench fist, snap fingers, touch your eyes, touch your temple, and your lips and think about accomplishing your goal with interpersonal, intrapersonal, physical, musical, spatial, logical excellence combined with the feeling of it telling yourself in an eloquent way in eloquent terms that you can and will accomplish this goal with all the many intelligences you possess. Anchor this feeling with whatever seems right to you as you feel the power of being totally capable of bringing all your talents to bear on this goal.
Now get up and do something toward the goal even if it is a small step. Each time you do something toward it fire off the anchor and enhance it. I think you will build incredible momentum this way!

Summary: Of
The Intelligences and the Anchors
Word Smart...touch lips
Logic Smart...touch temple
Picture Smart...touch eyes
Music Smart...snap fingers
Body Smart...clench fist
People Smart...Nod
Self Smart...Deep Breath

There is much more information that I have available for this Healing Modality. Call me and we can discuss the techniques and arrange for you and I to journey toward healing!

Perserverance....Keep on Keeping On!!!

Stop Procrastination and Failed Projects...Develop Patience and Perserverance

It's a Practice, perserverance is. Greetings Of Love to You All. Today I would like to reason about using the practice of Perserverance in our lives.

In my life, I have seen those with incredible 'passion' and 'drive', in accomplishing their goals, and even in the face of great obstacles they seem to have a 'built in' steadfastness, helping them to achieve. On the other side of the coin, I have seen those who start a project with great ambition and energy only to have at some point, their ambition and energy to begin to dissapate and eventually the focus is lost, and the problems that mount are too great for what willpower and stamina they have left, and so they give up. They never finish the project. This is a part of a vicious cycle too, as once the project is given up, the feeling of 'defeat' is so great, that it begins to affect on the emotional level, and becomes what Psychology/Sociology calls a "Self Fulfilling Prophecy". A vicious cycle that promises to be a thorn in our sides for all future endeavors, because we have been emotionally shaken by the 'defeat'.

We all need that perserverance that the individuals who achieve have. There is no question about that! No matter if you are a 'practioner' of the practice of Perserverance, or a seeker, seeking to enhance and maintain your life, in that positive momentum, this quality, promises a richer life if we harness it, allowing us to succeed. This is truly an ancient virtue.

So, not only do we consider what is this virtue, we must analyse what blocks it, and how we can strengthen and develop it as a personal attribute of ours. The quality of perserverance enables us to see things through to the end and makes us able to stay balanced and strong as we encounter those obstacles that are bound to show.

We know that we need the qualities of Perserverance, those strengths of determination and focus, for any work we are doing, since, if it is work, there is bound to be a stuggle somewhere along the path. We also know that within any spiritual path we need both patience and perserverance balanced in our lives, to experience the fullness of the path, true?

As I have begun to practice perserverance, I noticed obstacles that arose in my own work. I noticed my reactions to  the small challanges, and I also saw where my own patterns had been deeply dug into my own psyche. In order to 'battle' and 'become strengthened' to enhance my own perserverance, I had to recognize the obstacles...one of the initial obstacles I had noticed within my own work experience was distraction. We have so many ways now to get off course don't we? Think about the tremendous amount of technological inventions that we all have (even our 'babies' have cell phones, REALLY!!!).  I saw that my work, and my focus was easily interrupted by the myriad of technologies I had at my fingertips. They are necessary, so it wasn't like I was going to dispose of my cell phone or shut off the computer as I endeavored to complete my job.

Another obstacle I saw was fear. Fear depletes our stamina, and our energy, so that we more redily give up on ourselves. What was the way I was to battle that obstacle? I knew that I had to become fearless, just as I had become on my Spiritual Path, utilizing Faith, to strengthen.

One of the other obstacles that comes against us when trying to achieve is the physical reality of Stress and Fatigue. We all know that these two physical conditions can really put us down for the count, and we recognize that we must stay physically fit, emotionally fit (we can de-stress by both physical exercise and by meditation) in addition to the basic necessity of eating wisely.

Another issue around completing projects and finishing our work that I realized was this: boredom could become a real challange! Sometimes a very complicated project requires us to repeat activities, over and over again. Sometimes we cannot get it 'right the first time',  and therein lies the problem..the sneaky feeling of boredom creeps in. It creeps in where we truly have no room for it.

Depending on how complicated, how difficult the project or work is, can sometimes predict the number of battles we will have to fight. We do not want such complications to lead us to a dark place within ourselves, but when we are heavy with anxiety that sometimes comes with a complicated or big project, there is that scary possibility. Again a vicious cycle emerges. We contemplate the enormity of the project, we become afraid of the anxiety and we feed that fear to even the next endeavor. The only way to become grounded was to practice patience with ourselves. Patience is a necessary prerequisite to obtaining perserverance, as you already know. So, being able to notice and recognize the obstacles becomes imperative. Once we have learned to recognize the roadblocks, we must cultivate and encorporate Perserverance into our very being, and into our daily practice. As I began to notice my own blockages, and was able to stand back and view my reactions to the tasks I had at hand, I realized that spiritually I had to find ways to groom that perserverance that I had seen in others, and that I had experienced often times in small glimpses when charged with a very big task. I took a look at the following practices:

I became Mindful of ONE thing at a time. I picked a task that required an amount of perserverance and did it for an amount of time that I had designated, each week. I was specific as to how many minutes or hours per day that I would 'practice my perserverance'. Whether I was 'in the mood' to do it or not, I did it. When the designated times ended though, I stopped. I would then pick it back up at my next designated time, without judgement, without anticipation, without projection. Now at this point, if you are going to try this, see what happens to you as a result of doing this for one week. See what actually happens to the task, the activity you are doing.

I also determined that it would be beneficial to me, to analyse what physical activity I do, that requires 'work', and learn to cultivate that firm resolve that I had developed when doing my physical practice of exercise. Comparing that physical resolve of exercise to the mental resolve I needed to complete an important work related task, helped me to groom perserverance. Once you develop a physical resolve (and are good at making a physical exercise plan and sticking to it), it actually becomes easier at developing the mental resolve needed. I am a good learner when I use 'comparison' examples. I compare that 'feeling' that I got from having a physical resolve for exercise, to the needed mental resolve I needed to succeed.

Another determination I made was through my Spiritual Teachers and people who I looked up to...I saw how observing, and studying their lives and trying to carry myself as closely to their path, as closely to their character as I could, helped me to bring the change that I was looking for. Again, all Spiritual Paths require patience and perserverance to obtain the fullness. It takes years. Nothing worthwhile is done at a fast clip we know. Look at the Civil Rights movement. Study South African Freedom Fighters. Meditate on the Great Persons who perservered in our society, with a great commission in their hands, whose work was affecting persons, places, things, great and small. When we look at those Spiritual Greats, we can honor them at the same time we strive to be like them.

Learn to be a Beacon of Light, steady, unmoving in response to the changes that are undoubtedly going to come. Stand the test of time. Stand tall within the midst of the storm, like a Mountain. No matter the weather, no matter the conditions, a Mountain is unwavering. Develop that resolve, that calm and centeredness called 'equanimity'. On the solitary level, we can find that strength and courage when we actually imagine ourselves as a Light, beaming in the darkness, not going out, not being dimmed by fog or obstacles that try to blot out its brightness. Or when we imagine ourselves as the Mountain. Great calm and tallness to overcome any assault. I suggest using these types of imagery when trying to develop perserverance. See where this leaves you, how it feels when you do this.

One of my very important Spiritual Teachers taught me about how Affirmations can help to develop endurance necessary to groom perserverance. Here I will provide these Success bringing Positive Wordsounds that Resonate with your Heart of Hearts and your Soul-pick a few and use them daily on your journey while completing your life's work and your mission to strenthen your practice of Perserverance:

I use my attitude and my perserverance and passion which easily flows through me at the hint of any frustration or obstacle.

I move steadily toward my desired outcome with One Step at a time.

Each success brings me to the next right step now.

My focus stays on the task in front of me, from this moment to the next.

My pace is steady and sure and I make it to the finish line comfortably.

My strength and opptimism increase as I complete one moment at a time.

The work at hand is mine, I own it, it does not own me.

I Rise, I Continue, I Keep On Keeping On.

I see, feel and acknowledge all of my Progress everyday.

Like the Beacon of Light and The Mountain, I am able to Experience a Storm and Keep Shining, and Being.

Use an animate object as a Reminder-I use a Crystal. It completes its task (of just being beautiful for me) without entanglement and just operates on one level to me, which is staying beautiful. This reminder helps me to remember to stay focused on my project or task or dream during the period of distraction or obstacles that build. Sometimes I use my Shaman's bag, removing its contents a little bit at a time, examining each piece, as a part of my morning ritual, before I endeavor to begin my task. It Refreshes, and Reminds, daily.

In another method, we can slow ourselves, our minds, down, to mimic or represent the 'pace' of the Higher Power and how He or It operates in the Universe...think of God. His time, His pace, His being and characteristics, in His time right? Although God sometimes brings forthe a change or an outcome immediately sometimes, most often God operates on His time, and since He is ageless, timeless, His perspective is on a longer and larger continuem. So we need to slow our pace. How do we do that? Meditation can help, by mindfully meditating. Another method..say a Mantra. The use of a key word or most often a very small phrase of perhaps two words that are pleasing, meaningful and instills a feeling of peace and slow pace is helpful, I have found.

These are only a few 'methods' of grooming the Perserverance which is truly already within you. Want more? Need to practice? Need a Healing to enable you to Achieve the Level you were meant to Achieve? Call me. 845-849-1192 or Email me at thespiritualawarenesscenter@gmail.com Make an Appointment to begin to live your life Vibrantly, Fully, and Sucessfully.

I sometimes utilize those Mantra of the Hindu Tradition, but I am never limited by keeping within a Spiritual Path when employing a Mantra for my self -For my clients, especially those new to the use of Mantras, I suggest if using one from a Specific Spiritual Path, choose one that will resonate with you, on the 'sound' level (auditory) and the cognitive and cultural level (that which you can or do identify with). Here are samples:

Mantra's online (Hindu Tradition):


Here is a site that teaches the use of a Christian Tradition:


There are MANY websites available online which could assist you in choosing your phrase, just be sure it truly resonates to your heart of hearts.

One Love!

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Spirituality on the Internet...Check out this site

Greetings of Love to All,
I found a wonderful Spirituality Network Site that really is quite nice, and truly if you are looking for many friends of like mind this is the place to go"


My page on the site is:

Here you can make your profile, start a blog, add video's and pics, chat with friends, make lots of friends, advertise your work and join or make groups...really very massive site that can keep you occupied all day long, lol, if you have no work to do!!!

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Marriage and Relationships...should you stay?

There are always plenty of relationship questions that come up in my therapy sessions. Although I try to spend more time focusing on the person who is seeking therapy, there is definately a time that we must consider the seeker in terms of his or her other relationships. It is not an easy question to answer, by any means, when things have gotten to the point that we begin to question whether the difficulties we experience in our current partnership are too much, or that the benefit may not balance out with the effort of trying to stay together...I have read alot on relationships and did plenty of study and research and it always seemed that the literature in a round about way would suggest doing a kind of 'pros and cons' of the relationship. Then I read some interesting work done, using a diagnostic question spread, to assist counselors in helping their clients to answer this difficult question for themselves. This is not to say that we the counselors do not give our feedback, we certainly must and do, but by asking the proper questions, our clients can also see more clearly, the truth for themselves...


Using these questions and statements below, I help to clarify in your mind and in your heart of hearts if your Relationship is worth saving or would it be better in the long run to end it now...In my practise I have clients answer these questions and together we explore the answers, to arrive at the truthful analysis and diagnosis of the present relationship.


The first way I ask a client to begin to analyze their current Romantic Relationship deals with looking back on when you were the happiest in your relationship. When thinking about the early days in your relationship today, do you truly feel they were really very good between you and your partner?

Next I ask my client if there has been any incident of physical violence in your relationship.

I ask if there has been a solid commitment to persue a course of action or a lifestyle that excludes your partner.

Another Question I ask is if there was a Spiritual Being or God, or Spiritual Law that indicated that it would be allright to leave your current relationship, would you feel relieved and have a sense that you could Finally end your relationship?

Even though you have problems within the relationship, can you say that you and your partner have a positive, pleasurable interest other than your children, that you both share? Do you look forward to sharing it still with your partner in the future? This must be something you both do together and while doing it, it must give you both a feeling of closeness at the time you are doing it.

I then ask my client to tell me if they see their partner as a basically nice, reasonable, intelligent, not too neurotic, okay to look at and most of the time they smells alright.

I question about the difficulty of getting your needs met in the relationship. I ask if your partner hits you with so many difficulties and objections even if it is a small request, and that no matter the need, do you feel it gets mashed down right away or if you do receive your need that getting it was such an effort it is really not worth the effort to get it.

Does it seem that your partner usually stops your attempts to bring up topics or raise questions about things you care about?

I ask if you have gotten to the point where if your partner says something, that you usually feel its more likely that he/she is lying rather than telling the truth.

Regardless of the good qualities, and stepping back from any kind of temporary anger or disappointment, do you genuinely like your partner and does it seem your partner likes you?

Are you feeling willing to give your partner more than you are giving already, and are you willing to do this the way things are between the two of you right now, without any expectation of being 'paid' back?

Do you both touch each other, and look forward to touching each other? Do you make the effort to touch each other?

Do you feel you have a unique sexual attraction to your partner?

Does your partner neither see nor admit things you have tried to tell him/her about things that are making the relationship too bad to stay in?

Is there something that your partner does making the relationship too bad to stay in, and that he/she acknowledges it but is unwilling to do anything about it?

With regard to the problem your partner has that makes you want to leave, have you tried to let it go, ignore it, stop letting it get to you? How successful were you at releasing it?

While you think about the problem affecting your relationship, does your partner not only acknowledge it, but is both willing and able to change?

Has your partner ever violated a basic 'boundary/rule' or bottom line of yours?...if my partner did.(fill in with your bottom line)....then I'd feel I'd have to leave the relationship. If my partner didnt do..(fill in with your bottom line).. then I'd feel I'd have to leave. If these things were true about my partner.(fill in with the things you know to be true about him/her)....then I'd feel I'd have to leave the relationship.

Tell me if there is a clear, passionately held difference between you two that has to do with the fundamental and basic shape, texture and quality of life as you actually experience it?

Now, in spite of the differences, can you say that deep down, in some respect that is important to you, that your partner is someone just like you in a way you can feel good about?

I then ask for a list...the things that you would look forward to in a new life when thinking about leaving-things you're afraid of in your new life that make you think about staying. For every thing you list, I ask you to ask yourself Is this true? Is this likely? Then ask What else is possible?, What is most likely?

With the new, more complete and realistic pieces of info about what it would be like if you left, have you discovered any new more probable realities that now make leaving seem impossible, hard to do or unpleasant to do?

And with your new more complete and realistic pieces of info about what it would be like if you left, have you discovered some new more probable reality that now makes leaving seem easier or more attractive, so that staying no longer feels desirable?

Has your partner conveyed by either saying, thinking, or implying that you are a nut/jerk/loser/idiot about parts of yourself that are important to you, that you have started to really become convinced of this, or are becoming even just numb to it?

When you think about your partner's disrespect, is it clear to you that you do everything possible to limit your contact with him/her except for times where you absolutely must interact? Do you find yourself trying to avoid being around him/her and the hurtful arguements that usually ensue?

Do you feel that your partner mostly shows concrete support for and genuine interest in things you are trying to do that are important for you?

In regard to anything that was done that caused hurt, pain and feelings of betrayal, do you feel that the pain and the damage has gotten less with time?

Is there on both your parts, the ability for genuine forgiveness in the relationship?

If there is a need that you have and it is reasonable, can you and your partner find a way to work it so that you get that need met without too much of a struggle?

Is there a need that you have that is so important, that to not get it met would mean your life would feel not satisfying? Are you discouraged because you feel you may never get that need met?

Thinking about how your partner acts, does it feel as though in getting close to you what he/she 's most interested in is subjecting you to his/her anger and criticism?

When you begin to talk about intimacy is there a battle over what intimacy is and how to get it?

Does the relationship create fun...do you have fun together?

Do you share goals, dreams, and do they extend into the life you have together?

If all the problems within your relationship were just completely solved miraculously today would you still feel unsure about whether to stay or to leave?

Ultimately, if we reason the answers to these questions and arrive at a place of honesty, we can come up with a solution, an answer...whether we should leave, or stay in a relationship that we perceive to be difficult. We know all relationships require work and are therefore difficult, but the 'bottom line' is that we should never lower our expectations to the point that we are no longer being true to ourselves.

Monday, May 16, 2011


Greetings All....I am wondering how many here are actual members of the 'Meetups" groups? Any one have any good groups they belong to? I am specifically looking for Alternative Health and Spirituality, Metaphysical Meetups in the Dutchess County New York area...let me know...Love and Blessings to All! Rev. Tama

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Spiritual Mind Treatments

A Spiritual Mind Treatment for experiencing Blessed and Perfect Health
I pray this treatment into being for those who are experiencing any Dis-ease in this life. This prayer has the power to Heal and to Change your Life:
The Truth is that there is only One, one perfect Source, and one absolute Power. Call it Love, God,Life, Universal Goodness. It is the all powerful potential for perfection, and it is everywhere present, right now, through all time and space. That means it's present right here in your body (or the body of someone for whom you are desiring a healing). The entire power of the Universe is now focused through your attention as to the truth about your perfect health. From this higher standpoint, in full knowingness, I declare that every cell of your body now performs in perfect harmony. All cells are growing at the perfect rate, none too fast, none too slow. Whether it's blood pressure, heart function, cell growth, EVERYTHING in your body reveals the perfection of the Divine, right here, right now. You hold the vision of perfection at every moment and know that this vision and this declaration reveal themselves in the outside world as the visible wholeness and perfection that is the One. No one can shake your vision of perfect body function. You stand firm in the truth of Absolute Being. And so you release this declaration into the Law of Mind and know that the Law of Universal Correspondence now executes this word to the letter. You have nothing to do with how to make it work. You now know it just does. And so you release your prayer and know that your word returns fulfilled to you now. You will now let go and let God, and so you will rest in contentment, trust and peace. And so it is.

This is an example of one of my Spiritual Mind Treatments I do at my Office in the Spiritual Awareness Center.

What is a Spiritual Mind Treatment?

Based on the understanding that one's mind and beliefs create one's reality, this treatment process reframes the statements in the mind to create a new reality. Dr. Ernest Holmes book on The Science of Mind, speaks about how the individual mind interfaces with universal principles of manifestation to take one's thoughts and carry them into form. This was not too well understood 100 years ago but now, with Metaphysical Teachings, these ideas are more accepted and are also scientifically proven. Treatment is the tool of manifesting from beyond the physical, from beyond what you are currently experiencing in time and space. No longer is a person "doomed" to live with just those things he/she can see, hear, taste, smell and touch and the outer circumstances of one's life. What is now known is that a person lives with those things and ideas he can think and believe in his mind and in his heart. He lives with thoughts and beliefs within himself, and those thoughts can be consciously chosen. You can choose what you want to think and believe. The power to choose is yours.

There is an old expression that says "as above, so below" and "as within, so without". That is how it is with treatment - whatever you believe within, you project out into form. Treatment is the process of shifting your perception within so that what you are projecting outwardly becomes more harmonious and uplifting. When the shift inside is based on timeless spiritual principles, the change on the outside is in accordance with anyone's definition of God, Life , Truth, Nature, Love, Wholeness.

All spiritual paths support goodness, compassion, a loving and giving nature, abundance, kindness and the revelation of God's grace in the world. That is the objective of treatment, and it is effective because it refocuses the mind to these higher qualities and then projects them out into the world instead of the limited, contracted and negative thoughts one was previously using. That means that a person can choose kindness over meanness, for himself or for his boss. It means a wife can choose harmony in her marriage where before there may have been conflict. It means you can choose healing for yourself when you've been diagnosed with a serious disorder and expect to be healed.

How does it work?
Treatment has been simplified into a few simple steps. Some folks say five steps, some say four. Some say eight. Doesn't matter, as long as all the right stuff is in there and here it is:

Step 1 - RECOGNITION - Remove yourself from the problem long enough to remember your God. It doesn't matter what name you give it. It is whatever is beating your heart and making your breath go in and out. It is the life force that grows trees and makes butterflies. Whatever this Force is, you need to stop your drama long enough to get this ONE POWER into your awareness and to remember that it is the ONLY Cause to anything that is created.

Step 2 - UNIFICATION - If the Universe, the One Source, is the only cause of what you see, feel, think, touch, smell, to everything, it's the cause of YOU. It is your Source, your Power and It's being you. It breathes you, vibrates you, energizes you because it IS you! The energy of the Divine permeates all of its creation and that means it's being you too! Right now! Everything that is true of the Universal Whole is true of you, and that means you can be the inlet of the divine and the outlet of all the wonderful qualities and experiences you want in your life.

Step 3 - SPECIFICATION - Here's where you choose what you want, be it a quality of the divine such as love, joy, harmony, enthusiasm, vitality, peace, intelligence. Or it may be you choose an experience such as a new job that is fulfilling, or conceiving a child, or locating a new residence. They are all choices in the universal mind of the Infinite. You can choose anything, create anything. So choose something wonderful!
This is where you replace all your old thinking, the negativities, your doubts, fears and yeah-but's with statements of goodness, happiness and fulfillment. Just say it. Choose it.

Step 4 - RELEASE - Here's where you pass off the football to the universal principle that runs it into the end zone. It's called the Law of Mind, a law of the universe just like gravity and electricity. You can't see them, but they're working! And you'd better work with them rather than against them because you'll be inconvenienced to say the least if you don't use the laws correctly. So the Law of Mind is the miracle that takes your words and makes them so. Be careful what you wish for because you're GOING to get it. This Law takes your vision, your enthusiasm, your words and turns them into parking spaces, extra cash and instant healings according to your belief. So you let go and let God. You've made your choice for goodness and now you get out of the way and let the Universe figure out how to pull off your request. Making it happen is not your job. Your only job is to choose well. So you let go and TRUST the Law of Mind to bring it into form.

Step 5 - GRATITUDE - A little praise goes a long way to making life smoother. It also goes a long way to expediting your request, so please offer thanks for the blessing you've requested, because the Universe is now out busy creating it for you. The really great gift to you is that this principle of healing transformation works!!

Anyone can do a Spiritual Mind Treatment, but usually when one is in need of a treatment, they are often not centered enough at the present time to do it alone and need assistance. The important thing is that you should pick a practioner with experience and someone who does not judge and will go into the treatment with you unbiased about your circumstances. A Spiritual Mind Treatment done by a professional should be done several times a week, either with you present or remotely.

How can I receive a treatment?
Contact Rev. Tama Bell of the Spiritual Awareness Center in Poughkeepsie, New York
Rev. Tama Bell is a practitioner of treatment and offers counseling services with treatment work in person or on the phone. She may be reached by phone: (845) 849-1192 or by email at thespiritualawarenesscenter@gmail.com

Please visit the Center website for more information: http://thespiritualawarenesscenter.yolasite.com

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mindfulness and Meditation

~My Collection of Herkimer Crystals


Blessings and Peace,

Daily Life Is Stressful...there is no way around that!

What about Meditation using Mindfulness? Have you ever tried that? Let's reason a bit.

I have found that meditation has become an important part of my daily practise as an effort to de-stress from life's pace. Meditation and being in the moment (also called 'Mindfulness' by Marsha Linehan) by developing what is called a 'teflon mind'- allowing feelings and thoughts to slip away, non judgementally...the purpose is to clear the mind, or slow the mind down from the racing thoughts that often come from our daily life experiences and stressors. Here, in this way, our mind is focused on ONEness (I will describe this further down in this blog post and is consistrently brought 'back' to the same sport, in one-ness, as often as it 'strays' toward more than one thought, other thought, and non focus...we try to become focused, within the moment, and on the moment...understand? Feel free to write to me about this technique.

I use it in my Counseling Practise and it works!
So lets Reason about Mindfulness~It means awareness...for example, you are currently aware of reading this post. You are also for instance, aware of the physical act of walking. Such AWARENESS occurs even before a thought, concept or a judgemental or other type of feeling arises.
Mindfulness enables our minds to be in the present moment and allows our minds to be synchronized with our bodies. Our bodies can only live in the present moment but our mind tends to dwell in the past or future. Instead of being in the present moment, our minds are worrying about future, thinking about the past, fantasizing, daydreaming, and thinking of other unrelated thoughts to what our bodies are doing in the present moment. It is all too common our minds are often absent in the present moment. (Try to see if your mind is in the car or in the shower next time you are driving, or having a shower.) We tend to do activities on autopilot (or without giving them much attention)- body is doing something but mind is often not there.

When our minds are absent in the present moment, our ability to understand and respond to the real world in the present moment is likely to be compromised and furthermore, our performance at work and play can also be compromised. When our minds are absent from the present moment and we do activities on autopilot, we are more likely to make an error. For example, about 57% of all car crashes were solely due to driver's negligence, driver error, intoxication and other human factors, while about 93% of all car crashes were partly or solely due to driver's negligence according to a study on British and American crash reports. Thus our ability to live in the present moment is important not only for ourselves but also for others.

Although we possess great wealth and are engaged in pleasant activities such as eating the finest food with the loved ones, we are still worried, depressed or agitated when our minds are absent from the present moment and worry about the future. Hence, an ability to live in the present moment is important whether we are eating, driving or at work.

Without mindfulness, we tend to make decisions on autopilot as well rather than based on what is the best for us. Being able to be here in the present moment gives us the opportunity and ability to consciously choose what is the best choice we can make. Life unfolds and is possible only in the present moment. When our minds are not in the present moment, we are not in touch with the real world. As a result, life can be very burdensome, stressful and confusing.

Being in the present moment allows us to be keep in touch with the real world and see things as they really are without distortion. When you can not perceive the reality as it is, you can not solve problem. Understanding or perceiving the reality as it is important no matter what you are trying to accomplish or gain. For example, developing better career or life; improving learning capability; enjoying your life or a meal; or reducing stress, anxiety and depression. Mindfulness is a powerful and beneficial capability we all have but we even do not realize we have it.

You should develop mindfulness not only for yourself but also for your loves ones. If your mind can not be here with your body at the present moment, you can not fully be alive but have to live like a zombie without freedom, and also you are unable to properly take care of yourself and your loved ones.

To strengthen your mindfulness, you should use mindfulness often or each moment in your daily activities. Mindfulness practice is a simple mental exercise that teaches us the ability to live in the present moment. In addition, mindfulness practice trains our minds with skill to objectively analyze the past and plan the future with clarity and unwavering concentration while maintaining awareness on the present moment. Mindfulness can be practiced while eating, walking, running, commuting, and doing other activities. Mindfulness practice is also called mindfulness meditation.

Scientists and other researchers verified or discovered numerous benefits of mindfulness. University of Massachusetts Medical Center Research and other researchers elsewhere have found mindfulness practice provides both physical and psychological benefits. Some of the benefits include: reducing stress, anxiety, panic, and depression; enhancing the immune system; reducing insomnia, gastrointestinal distress, high blood pressure and chronic pain; improving concentration; increasing creativity and self-acceptance; greater adaptability and flexibility to change; having a more relaxed attitude towards life; helping in the recovery of substance abuse and addiction; increasing regulation of emotion and thoughts; decreasing ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) behaviors and impulsivity; and slowing progression of HIV. Mindfulness has also been shown to be effective in helping people cope with a variety of conditions including chronic pain and demanding work or life situations.

Whatever you are doing, ask yourself, "What's the state of my mind?" - Dalai Lama, 1999

If you want to be happy, be. - henry David Thoreau

Afflictive emotions-our jealousy, anger, hatred, fear-can be put to an end, when you realize that these emotions are only temporary, that they always pass on like clouds in the sky-Dalai Lama

Friday, May 13, 2011

A New Day and Time

Artistic Sculpture by Dr. Fredrick Franck of Pacem en Terris
Warwick, New York

Greetings and Welcome,

We all hope that we will be discovering each new day, each new time period in our lives, with great joy and excitement don't we? We usually have good expectations, as we should...but often times we have such trouble realizing our blessings and goodness of the moment(s). The purpose of this blog is to have an interaction, so that together we can journey and achieve this joy, and excitement within our lives. Lets discuss, lets find out how we can obtain that joy, that paradise within our lives. I want to get to know you and for you to get to know me, with the hope that we can learn together how to walk toward self, and self knowledge. We are going to Heal Together, and that is my lifes work.

I am Rev. Tama Bell and I operate my home office for Metaphysical and Spiritual Counseling in Poughkeepsie, New York. Metaphysical Counseling is a kind of therapy that concerns itself with healing in a nontraditional way. This unconventional healing therapy focuses on the healing of Spirit, Mind and Body. The three areas are integrated into a whole, thereby assuring that healing takes place on all levels, in a complete way. One of the benefits of Metaphysical and Spiritual Counseling then, is a more in depth healing which is achieved sooner and lasts longer than the usual 'talk' therapy, because of the layered nature of the practice. It is truly an important collection of alternative and new thought modalities which will benefit you and bless you, bringing about a healing you never knew possible, and a strength that will keep increasing over time. I invite you to celebrate a Vibrant and Whole Life through my Metaphysical Practice and the Spiritual Awareness Center.

Blessings and More Peace
Rev. Tama