Friday, May 20, 2011

Perserverance....Keep on Keeping On!!!

Stop Procrastination and Failed Projects...Develop Patience and Perserverance

It's a Practice, perserverance is. Greetings Of Love to You All. Today I would like to reason about using the practice of Perserverance in our lives.

In my life, I have seen those with incredible 'passion' and 'drive', in accomplishing their goals, and even in the face of great obstacles they seem to have a 'built in' steadfastness, helping them to achieve. On the other side of the coin, I have seen those who start a project with great ambition and energy only to have at some point, their ambition and energy to begin to dissapate and eventually the focus is lost, and the problems that mount are too great for what willpower and stamina they have left, and so they give up. They never finish the project. This is a part of a vicious cycle too, as once the project is given up, the feeling of 'defeat' is so great, that it begins to affect on the emotional level, and becomes what Psychology/Sociology calls a "Self Fulfilling Prophecy". A vicious cycle that promises to be a thorn in our sides for all future endeavors, because we have been emotionally shaken by the 'defeat'.

We all need that perserverance that the individuals who achieve have. There is no question about that! No matter if you are a 'practioner' of the practice of Perserverance, or a seeker, seeking to enhance and maintain your life, in that positive momentum, this quality, promises a richer life if we harness it, allowing us to succeed. This is truly an ancient virtue.

So, not only do we consider what is this virtue, we must analyse what blocks it, and how we can strengthen and develop it as a personal attribute of ours. The quality of perserverance enables us to see things through to the end and makes us able to stay balanced and strong as we encounter those obstacles that are bound to show.

We know that we need the qualities of Perserverance, those strengths of determination and focus, for any work we are doing, since, if it is work, there is bound to be a stuggle somewhere along the path. We also know that within any spiritual path we need both patience and perserverance balanced in our lives, to experience the fullness of the path, true?

As I have begun to practice perserverance, I noticed obstacles that arose in my own work. I noticed my reactions to  the small challanges, and I also saw where my own patterns had been deeply dug into my own psyche. In order to 'battle' and 'become strengthened' to enhance my own perserverance, I had to recognize the of the initial obstacles I had noticed within my own work experience was distraction. We have so many ways now to get off course don't we? Think about the tremendous amount of technological inventions that we all have (even our 'babies' have cell phones, REALLY!!!).  I saw that my work, and my focus was easily interrupted by the myriad of technologies I had at my fingertips. They are necessary, so it wasn't like I was going to dispose of my cell phone or shut off the computer as I endeavored to complete my job.

Another obstacle I saw was fear. Fear depletes our stamina, and our energy, so that we more redily give up on ourselves. What was the way I was to battle that obstacle? I knew that I had to become fearless, just as I had become on my Spiritual Path, utilizing Faith, to strengthen.

One of the other obstacles that comes against us when trying to achieve is the physical reality of Stress and Fatigue. We all know that these two physical conditions can really put us down for the count, and we recognize that we must stay physically fit, emotionally fit (we can de-stress by both physical exercise and by meditation) in addition to the basic necessity of eating wisely.

Another issue around completing projects and finishing our work that I realized was this: boredom could become a real challange! Sometimes a very complicated project requires us to repeat activities, over and over again. Sometimes we cannot get it 'right the first time',  and therein lies the problem..the sneaky feeling of boredom creeps in. It creeps in where we truly have no room for it.

Depending on how complicated, how difficult the project or work is, can sometimes predict the number of battles we will have to fight. We do not want such complications to lead us to a dark place within ourselves, but when we are heavy with anxiety that sometimes comes with a complicated or big project, there is that scary possibility. Again a vicious cycle emerges. We contemplate the enormity of the project, we become afraid of the anxiety and we feed that fear to even the next endeavor. The only way to become grounded was to practice patience with ourselves. Patience is a necessary prerequisite to obtaining perserverance, as you already know. So, being able to notice and recognize the obstacles becomes imperative. Once we have learned to recognize the roadblocks, we must cultivate and encorporate Perserverance into our very being, and into our daily practice. As I began to notice my own blockages, and was able to stand back and view my reactions to the tasks I had at hand, I realized that spiritually I had to find ways to groom that perserverance that I had seen in others, and that I had experienced often times in small glimpses when charged with a very big task. I took a look at the following practices:

I became Mindful of ONE thing at a time. I picked a task that required an amount of perserverance and did it for an amount of time that I had designated, each week. I was specific as to how many minutes or hours per day that I would 'practice my perserverance'. Whether I was 'in the mood' to do it or not, I did it. When the designated times ended though, I stopped. I would then pick it back up at my next designated time, without judgement, without anticipation, without projection. Now at this point, if you are going to try this, see what happens to you as a result of doing this for one week. See what actually happens to the task, the activity you are doing.

I also determined that it would be beneficial to me, to analyse what physical activity I do, that requires 'work', and learn to cultivate that firm resolve that I had developed when doing my physical practice of exercise. Comparing that physical resolve of exercise to the mental resolve I needed to complete an important work related task, helped me to groom perserverance. Once you develop a physical resolve (and are good at making a physical exercise plan and sticking to it), it actually becomes easier at developing the mental resolve needed. I am a good learner when I use 'comparison' examples. I compare that 'feeling' that I got from having a physical resolve for exercise, to the needed mental resolve I needed to succeed.

Another determination I made was through my Spiritual Teachers and people who I looked up to...I saw how observing, and studying their lives and trying to carry myself as closely to their path, as closely to their character as I could, helped me to bring the change that I was looking for. Again, all Spiritual Paths require patience and perserverance to obtain the fullness. It takes years. Nothing worthwhile is done at a fast clip we know. Look at the Civil Rights movement. Study South African Freedom Fighters. Meditate on the Great Persons who perservered in our society, with a great commission in their hands, whose work was affecting persons, places, things, great and small. When we look at those Spiritual Greats, we can honor them at the same time we strive to be like them.

Learn to be a Beacon of Light, steady, unmoving in response to the changes that are undoubtedly going to come. Stand the test of time. Stand tall within the midst of the storm, like a Mountain. No matter the weather, no matter the conditions, a Mountain is unwavering. Develop that resolve, that calm and centeredness called 'equanimity'. On the solitary level, we can find that strength and courage when we actually imagine ourselves as a Light, beaming in the darkness, not going out, not being dimmed by fog or obstacles that try to blot out its brightness. Or when we imagine ourselves as the Mountain. Great calm and tallness to overcome any assault. I suggest using these types of imagery when trying to develop perserverance. See where this leaves you, how it feels when you do this.

One of my very important Spiritual Teachers taught me about how Affirmations can help to develop endurance necessary to groom perserverance. Here I will provide these Success bringing Positive Wordsounds that Resonate with your Heart of Hearts and your Soul-pick a few and use them daily on your journey while completing your life's work and your mission to strenthen your practice of Perserverance:

I use my attitude and my perserverance and passion which easily flows through me at the hint of any frustration or obstacle.

I move steadily toward my desired outcome with One Step at a time.

Each success brings me to the next right step now.

My focus stays on the task in front of me, from this moment to the next.

My pace is steady and sure and I make it to the finish line comfortably.

My strength and opptimism increase as I complete one moment at a time.

The work at hand is mine, I own it, it does not own me.

I Rise, I Continue, I Keep On Keeping On.

I see, feel and acknowledge all of my Progress everyday.

Like the Beacon of Light and The Mountain, I am able to Experience a Storm and Keep Shining, and Being.

Use an animate object as a Reminder-I use a Crystal. It completes its task (of just being beautiful for me) without entanglement and just operates on one level to me, which is staying beautiful. This reminder helps me to remember to stay focused on my project or task or dream during the period of distraction or obstacles that build. Sometimes I use my Shaman's bag, removing its contents a little bit at a time, examining each piece, as a part of my morning ritual, before I endeavor to begin my task. It Refreshes, and Reminds, daily.

In another method, we can slow ourselves, our minds, down, to mimic or represent the 'pace' of the Higher Power and how He or It operates in the Universe...think of God. His time, His pace, His being and characteristics, in His time right? Although God sometimes brings forthe a change or an outcome immediately sometimes, most often God operates on His time, and since He is ageless, timeless, His perspective is on a longer and larger continuem. So we need to slow our pace. How do we do that? Meditation can help, by mindfully meditating. Another method..say a Mantra. The use of a key word or most often a very small phrase of perhaps two words that are pleasing, meaningful and instills a feeling of peace and slow pace is helpful, I have found.

These are only a few 'methods' of grooming the Perserverance which is truly already within you. Want more? Need to practice? Need a Healing to enable you to Achieve the Level you were meant to Achieve? Call me. 845-849-1192 or Email me at Make an Appointment to begin to live your life Vibrantly, Fully, and Sucessfully.

I sometimes utilize those Mantra of the Hindu Tradition, but I am never limited by keeping within a Spiritual Path when employing a Mantra for my self -For my clients, especially those new to the use of Mantras, I suggest if using one from a Specific Spiritual Path, choose one that will resonate with you, on the 'sound' level (auditory) and the cognitive and cultural level (that which you can or do identify with). Here are samples:

Mantra's online (Hindu Tradition):

Here is a site that teaches the use of a Christian Tradition:

There are MANY websites available online which could assist you in choosing your phrase, just be sure it truly resonates to your heart of hearts.

One Love!

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