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Spiritual Mind Treatments

A Spiritual Mind Treatment for experiencing Blessed and Perfect Health
I pray this treatment into being for those who are experiencing any Dis-ease in this life. This prayer has the power to Heal and to Change your Life:
The Truth is that there is only One, one perfect Source, and one absolute Power. Call it Love, God,Life, Universal Goodness. It is the all powerful potential for perfection, and it is everywhere present, right now, through all time and space. That means it's present right here in your body (or the body of someone for whom you are desiring a healing). The entire power of the Universe is now focused through your attention as to the truth about your perfect health. From this higher standpoint, in full knowingness, I declare that every cell of your body now performs in perfect harmony. All cells are growing at the perfect rate, none too fast, none too slow. Whether it's blood pressure, heart function, cell growth, EVERYTHING in your body reveals the perfection of the Divine, right here, right now. You hold the vision of perfection at every moment and know that this vision and this declaration reveal themselves in the outside world as the visible wholeness and perfection that is the One. No one can shake your vision of perfect body function. You stand firm in the truth of Absolute Being. And so you release this declaration into the Law of Mind and know that the Law of Universal Correspondence now executes this word to the letter. You have nothing to do with how to make it work. You now know it just does. And so you release your prayer and know that your word returns fulfilled to you now. You will now let go and let God, and so you will rest in contentment, trust and peace. And so it is.

This is an example of one of my Spiritual Mind Treatments I do at my Office in the Spiritual Awareness Center.

What is a Spiritual Mind Treatment?

Based on the understanding that one's mind and beliefs create one's reality, this treatment process reframes the statements in the mind to create a new reality. Dr. Ernest Holmes book on The Science of Mind, speaks about how the individual mind interfaces with universal principles of manifestation to take one's thoughts and carry them into form. This was not too well understood 100 years ago but now, with Metaphysical Teachings, these ideas are more accepted and are also scientifically proven. Treatment is the tool of manifesting from beyond the physical, from beyond what you are currently experiencing in time and space. No longer is a person "doomed" to live with just those things he/she can see, hear, taste, smell and touch and the outer circumstances of one's life. What is now known is that a person lives with those things and ideas he can think and believe in his mind and in his heart. He lives with thoughts and beliefs within himself, and those thoughts can be consciously chosen. You can choose what you want to think and believe. The power to choose is yours.

There is an old expression that says "as above, so below" and "as within, so without". That is how it is with treatment - whatever you believe within, you project out into form. Treatment is the process of shifting your perception within so that what you are projecting outwardly becomes more harmonious and uplifting. When the shift inside is based on timeless spiritual principles, the change on the outside is in accordance with anyone's definition of God, Life , Truth, Nature, Love, Wholeness.

All spiritual paths support goodness, compassion, a loving and giving nature, abundance, kindness and the revelation of God's grace in the world. That is the objective of treatment, and it is effective because it refocuses the mind to these higher qualities and then projects them out into the world instead of the limited, contracted and negative thoughts one was previously using. That means that a person can choose kindness over meanness, for himself or for his boss. It means a wife can choose harmony in her marriage where before there may have been conflict. It means you can choose healing for yourself when you've been diagnosed with a serious disorder and expect to be healed.

How does it work?
Treatment has been simplified into a few simple steps. Some folks say five steps, some say four. Some say eight. Doesn't matter, as long as all the right stuff is in there and here it is:

Step 1 - RECOGNITION - Remove yourself from the problem long enough to remember your God. It doesn't matter what name you give it. It is whatever is beating your heart and making your breath go in and out. It is the life force that grows trees and makes butterflies. Whatever this Force is, you need to stop your drama long enough to get this ONE POWER into your awareness and to remember that it is the ONLY Cause to anything that is created.

Step 2 - UNIFICATION - If the Universe, the One Source, is the only cause of what you see, feel, think, touch, smell, to everything, it's the cause of YOU. It is your Source, your Power and It's being you. It breathes you, vibrates you, energizes you because it IS you! The energy of the Divine permeates all of its creation and that means it's being you too! Right now! Everything that is true of the Universal Whole is true of you, and that means you can be the inlet of the divine and the outlet of all the wonderful qualities and experiences you want in your life.

Step 3 - SPECIFICATION - Here's where you choose what you want, be it a quality of the divine such as love, joy, harmony, enthusiasm, vitality, peace, intelligence. Or it may be you choose an experience such as a new job that is fulfilling, or conceiving a child, or locating a new residence. They are all choices in the universal mind of the Infinite. You can choose anything, create anything. So choose something wonderful!
This is where you replace all your old thinking, the negativities, your doubts, fears and yeah-but's with statements of goodness, happiness and fulfillment. Just say it. Choose it.

Step 4 - RELEASE - Here's where you pass off the football to the universal principle that runs it into the end zone. It's called the Law of Mind, a law of the universe just like gravity and electricity. You can't see them, but they're working! And you'd better work with them rather than against them because you'll be inconvenienced to say the least if you don't use the laws correctly. So the Law of Mind is the miracle that takes your words and makes them so. Be careful what you wish for because you're GOING to get it. This Law takes your vision, your enthusiasm, your words and turns them into parking spaces, extra cash and instant healings according to your belief. So you let go and let God. You've made your choice for goodness and now you get out of the way and let the Universe figure out how to pull off your request. Making it happen is not your job. Your only job is to choose well. So you let go and TRUST the Law of Mind to bring it into form.

Step 5 - GRATITUDE - A little praise goes a long way to making life smoother. It also goes a long way to expediting your request, so please offer thanks for the blessing you've requested, because the Universe is now out busy creating it for you. The really great gift to you is that this principle of healing transformation works!!

Anyone can do a Spiritual Mind Treatment, but usually when one is in need of a treatment, they are often not centered enough at the present time to do it alone and need assistance. The important thing is that you should pick a practioner with experience and someone who does not judge and will go into the treatment with you unbiased about your circumstances. A Spiritual Mind Treatment done by a professional should be done several times a week, either with you present or remotely.

How can I receive a treatment?
Contact Rev. Tama Bell of the Spiritual Awareness Center in Poughkeepsie, New York
Rev. Tama Bell is a practitioner of treatment and offers counseling services with treatment work in person or on the phone. She may be reached by phone: (845) 849-1192 or by email at

Please visit the Center website for more information:

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