Thursday, July 14, 2011

Free Hour of Counsel, Advocacy and Metaphysical Treatment

Greetings and Love to You 
I am offering you One Free Hour of Counseling, Advocacy and a Metaphysical Treatment of your choice with a Booked, 1 Hour Regular Appointment you schedule. This is really important in that it does 2 things. First, it allows you to get to know me and in a sense try 'before you buy' kind of vibe and Second it allows me to take extra time out to customize and truly plan our work together. How many times have you been to conventional therapists or even physicians who rush you out, never taking the time to truly evaluate and analyze just who you are, where you have been, and where you are headed, both physically and emotionally? So many times, I am sure, therapists have sat impassively listening which is fine if that is all you need, but horribly wrong if you require many times has your physician short changed your health by merely treating the presenting condition without any real concern for your overall health and overall problems with health? I want to Heal you, on a Emotional and Physical Level. I Can Help You Heal, I Can Help You Find More Help, I Can Energize You by Assisting You in the Navigation of Your Life. Are Your Children Hurting? Is Your Spouse Abusive? Are You in Trouble? Do You Have No One You Can Talk to? Please Consider trying for Free, One Hour with Me, and Let's See What I Can Do For You!
I Wish You Peace and Much Love,
Rev Tama Bell, B.S., B.Msc.
Ordained Metaphysical Minister and Counselor/Practitioner

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