Friday, June 24, 2011

Lets Talk the Invisible Energy Around YOU

Hello Again! Today I want to talk to you about Aura's...I am sure some of you aren't really quite sure what an Aura is, so I am writing this with you in mind.

The best way to explain the Aura and its existence is to compare it with the Atmosphere around the Earth. If you think about this, you know that the Atmosphere:
~Has Layers
~and that the Atmosphere Affects What it Contains
~Supports Life
~Creates huge problems if it looses its integrity (like if it develops a hole in the Ozone layer ect.)

and The Aura around Your Physical Body has exactly these same Qualities
The Aura is made up of energy Layers
The Aura affects what it contains (your body)
The Aura supports Life
and The Aura causes big problems if it looses its integrity and it can and does especially when exposed to any kind of trauma...

I also explain to my patients that if it were not for the clouds we would not be able to see the atmosphere at all, right? Because it is all gases, so it cannot be seen. This is the same with the Aura. We cannot see it because its frequencies fall outside the 'visible' spectrum.

So we can think of the Aura around your body as layers in an oval shape around your body, just like the atmosphere is around the earth. Now, think about this, our life depends on the quality of the air that is all around us, right? As we said, just one hole in the atmosphere ozone layer and we have major trouble.  Well, just like that, if our Aura is not healthy, it develops holes, or distortions.

The Aura is also like that atmosphere in that they both have layers which provide lots of information, each strata holds different information. It is those layers, and the zones within the body that intercommunicate information about health and disease, and a good healer can find the answers from the body by communicating with them.

Now did you know that in the late 90's Physics detected 22 distinct vibratory rates, patterns in the Aura around our bodies? The Aura is known and understood in terms of the various frequencies and layers and what they mean. It is important for you to understand this is not just some esoteric imaginary part of the body...It's Real!!!

So the Aura is truly body's Electromagnetic Field. It is important to our Health. Like the earth our Aura is affected by events as we have already illustrated. There can be holes, leaks, warps in the field, left by any number of 'traumas' (surgeries, accidents, impacts, emotional assualts).

In a lot of the situations, the Aura is able to heal, it will close the hole (just as the Ozone Layer does in certain areas). But sometimes the Aura cannot close over the site of the break in its integrity. When this happens you will feel any number of symptoms, sometimes undiagnosable! They can be emotional, even nightmares, depression, apathy, panic and anxiety or physical symptoms like pain, swelling, breathing problems, allergies, limited mobility or there will be difficulty in getting the medication dosage correct by the physician...all kinds of problems leading to a lack of healing or an incomplete healing.

With Accidents or any kind of Impact the body can be jarred, so hard that it kind of seperates..this displacement also causes all kinds of things like pain, headaches, mental fogginess, organ/joint dysfunction. And, did you know that sometimes, you can have a surgery and the hole that is opened (the one in the Aura, from the trauma) doesn't heal and eventually the doc's dont see anything 'wrong' with you, so they give you an anti-depressant.

As long as the Aura is untreated, the symptoms can become more difficult to manage. The symptoms begin to cause other symptoms. Meanwhile the body tries to compensate. Did you or anyone you know ever say "my life just has not been the same since that accident" or "I feel out of sorts"? Think about what kind of 'traumas' your body has been through.

It is important to be able to detect and repair the holes and the leaks or distortions within the Aura. One of the ways we do this is to regulate your energy through the other vortexes of energy within your body...the Chakra's, which we will talk about another time.

We can use Crystal Therapy as a conduit to channel that Aura and the Chakras to have the interaction that is meant to be there between the Body and the Electromagnetic Field of the Aura. Now depending on the problem, a distortion may only take one visit but when cell memory is involved (trauma of any kiind to the tissues of the body, even a broken bone, because bone is a tissue!), and we have structural breaks or imbalances, it may take more visits to an energy practitioner.

So what happens in our Sessions for Energy Healing?
First we have to allow the Body to 'tell us' what it needs first (because the body does know what it needs, and can communicate that to us, just think of hunger!!)..and we have to allow the Body to prioritize what it needs first, just like in any emergency situation, we treat what is 'first priority'.  One of the ways we can determine what the body is saying to us is by using a Pendulum, just by using a yes/no kind of question dowsing. Some healers are able to 'feel' the Energy and Aura distortions or holes as cold spots, etc and some use intuition to manipulate the Aura energy.

Next, we will set an intention. To do this, The Healer visualizes themselves as the object or vessel, the healing object. Sometimes we may use the Crystals at this point to be those conduits to hone in on the weak places, and to heal them.

Now we have to determine which chakra (again this is an energy vortex, a kind of energy zone, and there are 7 main ones but we may have to manipulate any number of others). The healer takes her/his hand and kind of floats it hear the thighs first, up to the groin area while communicating to the body either through the pendulum or feeling the way through with the energized Crystal.

The answer comes  and when the pendulum answers 'yes' or the Crystal tingles the hand, or intuitively the healer is told to stop, with his/her hand still floating alongside the conduit, we begin to focus on that area. It is a scan for the area of need. We scan to receive the chakra information, through the Aura. So the healer now has identified the area and depending on that area, we derive information right there. We use several methods at the Center where I practise. We may use (depending on you of course) the Crystals as the Healers or we may Use a Spiritual Prayer/Mind Treatment in addtion to the physical energy healing technique. So we determine with your Body's help, what the need is, and what technique will work the best. Your job willl be to visualize and ask your body what it needs as well. Something may come to mind as the healer goes to each part of the that intuition, and speak your healing. "I feel where I pulled that muscle last week is generating some negative energy". Pay attention to your bodies dialogue as your healer is also working over each chakra zone.

I remind all of the patients at the center that these zones can be physical, emotional, or even Karmic. If it is Karmic, we can get more info from our body. We can find out how long the Karmic forces have been in this zone, and how long we should expect them to last in the body, using the pendulum, we can ask things like "will it be 5 years?" or "has it been here from a past life?" This is so useful because what you can do then is to internally think about the circumstances, or the implications of these Karmic Forces.

The most important thing for both patient and healer to remember is that the body truly knows what it needs, and it will communicate those needs if we listen!


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